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Galaxy Public Relations headquartered in Beijing. Galaxy Public Relations has representative offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since its foundation, Galaxy Public Relations relies on Beijing's regional advantage as an economic center and cultural center to integrate advantageous resources. Having industry background employees and team co-operation, Galaxy Public Relations can provide diverse professional services in the area of semiconductor, medical devices, and automobile to multinational companies. Galaxy Public Relations' businesses include media relations, activity planning, business visits, company awareness, and layout.

Along with having advantages in the communication and advertising industry; Galaxy Public Relations can pay more attention to the communication regarding industry plans, policies and regulations between government departments, community organizations, and research institutes. As a result, the clients get good pre-planning research when promoting in related industries. Galaxy Public Relations executes marketing service concepts by integrating human resources, information resources, and media resources to provide special customerized services. Galaxy Public Relations demonstrates service features in marketing promotion, product branding, corporate awareness when serving for the brand operation.

With China's medical and health system reform continuously developing, people have higher expectations on health…?/p>

With China's reformation and opening up within the last three decades, the electronic and information industry…?/p>

With the rising of the level of domestic automobile consumed, many national and international automobile…?/p>

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