For improving the service quality continuously, Galaxy Public Relations pays more attention to the employees’ training through a series of training courses including: Public relations, crisis prevention, crisis advocacy, media management, and issue management. It focuses on case analysis to enhance the ability of addressing the problems. Galaxy Public Relations combines the company’s development closely with employee’s growth, listening to staff opinions and suggestions to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

Galaxy Public Relations’s business was involve in the fields of electronics, communications, semiconductor, automobile, medical equipment etc. Galaxy Public Relations provides the professional service and concentration to meet the multi requirements from the customer. Galaxy Public Relations not only listens to the customers’ needs, but also can think from the position of the customers, so Galaxy Public Relations can provide a good program based on the different view. Furthermore, the successful execution still needs employees with strong industry background and the service concept of integrated marketing and team working.

Galaxy Public Relations focuses on teamwork, channel management, channel resource integration. Fully playing the staff professionalism, emphasizing service awareness, and working together for customers services, Galaxy Public Relations make the customers feel the full planning and efficient implementation that Galaxy Public Relations can provide.

  • Many professionals with a strong industry background
  • Familiar to domestic related-market operation, policy, and economic environment
  • Has a good relationship with the advertisers, producers, and the media
  • Has a close cooperation relationship with leading market research agencies
  • Integrated channels, media, information resources offer a completed case plan and implementation
  • Partner alliance to extend the service area and jointly build service platforms
  • Services cover market research, media relations, activity planning implementation, data marketing, Internet promotion, etc.
  • Can grasp the characteristics of the different industries, serve for specific customer using professional knowledge
  • Emphasis on program demo and effects collection, evaluation, and promotion
  • Emphasis on customer analysis, target customers selection to promote the accuracy of the service.