Medical & Health

With China's medical and health system reform continuously developing, people have higher expectations on health care and service quality. Simultaneously, problems caused by the upcoming aging society have kept the relevant functional departments of medicine from thinking it is urgent to promote the medicine system reformation and development of medical equipment. How to establish a good company image, and enhance company awareness? How to help pharmaceutical companies to push products to market? How to assist medical equipment vendor to enter the clinical application? These are not only what the relevant authorities are urgent to standardize but also the reality faced by enterprises.

Depending on expertise and channel management, Galaxy Public Relations provides key public relations services, such as brand marketing, product promotion, clinical applications, media relations and event planning; to the leading company. By means of strengthening the communication between enterprises and consumers, enterprises and medical institutions, enterprises and media; Galaxy Public Relations can continuously promote the awareness of both the company and its products. In addition, Galaxy Public Relations has rich experience in activities in health field.

Electronics & IT

With China's reformation and opening up within the last three decades, the electronic and information industry has boomed. How to deal with an ever-changing market and grasp the opportunities is the issue faced by high-tech companies in the industry of electronics, communications, semiconductor etc.

Galaxy Public Relations offers the comprehensive and diversified service for the enterprises, feedbacking the service information and marketing information back to the enterprises by means of using the current transmit technology. Furthermore, resort the brand media, Galaxy Public Relations can push the corporate image, products, project or service quickly to the target customers. The corporation brand awareness is continuously enhanced by means of journals, newspapers, networks, event, direct mail etc.

Galaxy Public Relations has the unique understanding on the industrial development, the core media, and the user characters. Galaxy Public Relations can continuously explore industry trends, and provide the latest market information to customers, which reflect our core values.

Automobile & Entertainment

With the rising of the level of domestic automobile consumed, many national and international automobile brands have continuously moved into China. Automobile vendor, components integrator and end consumer was focus on automobile body safety, new energy car and automotive entertainment system. How to strengthen the brand effection, improving the sales revenue, and keep communication with the consumer is the concern.

Galaxy Public Relations has a unique channel advantage in automobile brand promotion and marketing. Through the integration marketing of automobile brands, and gradually deepening the automobile brand cognitive of the target consumer groups, the automobile brand’s reputation will be enlarged. The activities, such as the roadshow and the fashion element of interpretation, are all embodied automotive brands with a specific connotation.